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Health & Wellness is a question of balance, which I discovered as an Olympic Athlete.  Since retiring from sport, I have devoted my time and energy to helping others improve their health and well being following injury, illness or loss of fitness.  As a Physiotherapist, I will provide a thorough assessment of your current symptoms, explain and analyze the findings in order to purpose a game plan to enable you to achieve your goals and enjoy life to it’s fullest. Remember, every journey starts with the first step- Let’s take it together today!


~Stephanie McCann, BScKin, MPT, OLY, CAFCI

Physiotherapy Vancouver & Port Moody - Clinical Pilates, Acupuncture & Yoga

Stephanie McCann - Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates for Vancouver & Port Moody BC

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Stephanie cares about her patients. She takes the time to listen to their issues, hopes, needs, and after a careful physical assessment she prepares a personalized program using her years of experience in helping people regain movement & balance...


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Whilst Stephanie has led STOTT Pilates groups for years, since qualifying as a Physiotherapist & helping patients in Neuro Rehab with Bobath techniques, she usually assists on a one to one basis in establishing a personalized program that really helps...


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From STOTT Pilates classes, Physiotherapy and Cryo-Therapy in Port Moody, to Acupuncture & Neuro Rehab with Bobath methods in Vancouver, Stephanie practices throughout the week in easily accessible locations. She is also available for home visits...


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Personalized Exercise Programs in Vancouver & Port Moody to Fit Your Lifestyle!

Whatever your current level of physical condition and ability, Stephanie can work with you to improve it - Gym Rat or self-confessed Couch Potato, it's time to improve your personal fitness with Stephanie!


Many patients come to see Stephanie because they have back pain, knee injury, ankle sprain, or a sports injury and want treatment to remedy this painful inconvenience that's disrupting their life, sleep patterns or enjoyment of their favourite physical activities in Vancouver like Running, Cycling or Golf. Stephanie works with them to treat the current injury, but can also help to improve their overall physical condition for everyday muscle tone, balance and posture - useful in injury prevention and for improving a sense of overall well-being.


Because of her years of involvement in Canadian Olympic level competitive sport, Stephanie is also consulted by professional sports athletes to help them recover from injury, help keep them in top form, and build programs using STOTT Pilates techniques to keep their bodies working in harmony and balance to prevent injury from happening in the first place. Remember, prevention is better than a cure...


Stephanie is also passionate about helping those with a neurological condition or damage to enjoy a better quality of life, mobility and functional ability by transferring the postures and exercises used in Pilates to improve their activities of daily living. She has linked the foundations of the Bobath approach to those used in STOTT Pilates and plans to continue her development in Neuro Rehab.


About Stephanie McCann

Stephanie McCann


A Canadian Olympic Athlete and 3 time Bronze medalist at Commonwealth Games and Pan American Games, Stephanie retired from competitive sport in 2008 and found a new passion in promoting health and wellness through Pilates. She became a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor in 2009 (Level II-Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels) and practiced throughout the Vancouver area for 5 years, focusing on improving her client’s core strength, helping them rehabilitate from various injuries and educating them on basic injury prevention....


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Stephanie McCann - Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates for Vancouver & Port Moody BC

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Stephanie McCann - Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates for Vancouver & Port Moody BC

Stephanie McCann - Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates for Vancouver & Port Moody BC