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Physiotherapy for Vancouver BC with Physiotherapist Stephanie McCannTreatment Approach:

You will get the undivided attention of Stephanie for the entire duration of your Physiotherapy treatment session in Downtown Vancouver. You can choose to book either a 30 or 60- minute appointment. This focused, one-to-one approach facilitates the development of a more comprehensive treatment plan to help recover from injury and allows for more productive treatment sessions with more time for patient education, manual techniques, and supervised exercise to help prevent recurring injuries. 

Our aim here in Downtown Vancouver is to identify and correct the dysfunctional movement patterns that are often at the root of pain and injury. This facilitates a more complete rehab process, and empowers the patient with the knowledge of what to do to prevent, minimize, or self-manage reoccurrences. 

We offer a qualified Physiotherapist intervention based here in Vancouver across the spectrum of wellness and function — from preventative screenings to injury rehabilitation, to peak sports performance — and will create an individualized physiotherapy plan to help you reach your goals.

Physiotherapy Vancouver Schedule 

Treatment Options in Vancouver

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  • Manual Therapy 

– hands-on treatment including joint mobilization or manipulation and soft tissue techniques

  • Therapeutic Taping and Bracing 

– to support healing tissues or accelerate return to activity

  • Exercise Prescription 

– ranging from specific stabilization exercises to high-level strength, balance and agility retraining

  • Postural Re-education 

– to restore healthy postures and address issues in your work, school or athletic environment that may be contributing to poor posture or technique

  • Electrotherapeutic Modalities 

– to reduce pain, swelling and spasm and facilitate healing  

– An ancient form of Chinese medicine that is used as an adjunct to physiotherapy treatment to accelerate natural healing, reduce pain and muscle tension, and improve energy and function.